With the Alliance presidential race gathering speed, political journalist Vanya Driscoll has published an analysis in The Alliance Tribune:

    “The election of a new president is usually a ceremonial matter, during which voters select a public ‘face’ for the Alliance, but this year is a genuine power struggle – one that may have major consequences.”

    “Elijah Beck is the only candidate who seems content with the status quo. By contrast, entrepreneur Fazia Silva promises to boost the economy and increase commerce. Her new financial policies have been welcomed by interstellar corporations and small businesses alike.”

    “President Gibson Kincaid is causing the most controversy, however. His proposal that the role of president should include executive powers is being taken seriously by the Assembly. Kincaid claims that having a single controlling voice will enable the Alliance to ‘challenge our rivals’ dominance’.”

    “There is a surprising amount of support for this combative rhetoric. Many agree that the Alliance could be stronger, and that Prime Minister Mahon is often hamstrung by bureaucracy. Rumours suggest that the Empire and Federation are watching this election far more closely than usual.”


    随着联盟总统竞选的快速进行,政治记者Vanya Driscoll在联盟论坛报(The Alliance Tribune)上发表了一篇分析文章:


    “Elijah Beck是唯一一个看起来像对现状感到满意的候选人。相比之下,企业家Fazia Silva承诺将提振经济,促进商业发展。她的新金融政策受到星际公司和小企业的欢迎。”

    “然而,Gibson Kincaid总统引起了最大的争议。委员会正在认真考虑他关于主席的作用应包括行政权力的建议。Kincaid称:’拥有一个绝对的政治决策权的总统,将使联盟更能挑战对手的统治地位。‘”


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    紅色是 Discovery Scanner 使用或被動 發現星體
    黃色是僅有 Discovery Scanner 時 target [T] 星體至掃描完成
    绿色价格是Advanced Discovery Scanner+Detailed Surface Scanner target [T] 星体至扫描完成

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    前情提要:【9.13-9.20】COMMUNITY GOALS UPDATE-本周社区目标更新


    在上一周,Land enrichment systems, animal monitors, aquaponic systems,marine equipment 被广大指挥官运输到 Ocrinox's Orbiter 使得海牛养殖场(海牛号)的建设得以正常进行。

    随着计划的结束,自由贸易协会的发起人Selena Conley发表以下陈述:

    “Munshin的人民,还有在Munshin Manatee Meat(Munshin海牛肉厂,肉质加工公司)的合作伙伴,向那些为我们的项目作出贡献的飞行员们表达最诚挚的感谢。海牛肉产量的增加将给Munshin系统的经济带来急需的提振。”

    为这项计划做出贡献的飞行员现在可以从Munshin系统中的Ocrinox's Orbiter上获得奖励。



    The Libertas Cooperative has announced that its appeal for commodities has reached a successful conclusion, having received an overwhelming response from the galactic community. Land enrichment systems, animal monitors, aquaponic systems and marine equipment were delivered to Ocrinox's Orbiter over the past week, allowing construction of a megaship where manatees will be farmed.

    With the initiative at an end, Progenitor Selena Conley of the Libertas Cooperative issued the following statement:

    “The people of Munshin, and our partners at Munshin Manatee Meat, extend the warmest of thanks to all pilots who supported our project. Increased production of manatee meat will give a much-needed boost to the Munshin system’s economy.”

    Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Ocrinox's Orbiter in the Munshin system.

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    商业大亨Lloyd Hardacre因企业敲诈而被捕,此前他的个人管理机器人泄漏了犯罪证据。

    这起事故发生在Burnell Station,当时 Copernicus Shipping Ltd正在召开年度股东大会。



    联邦安全局副督察Ramesh Thorne说:




    Business magnate Lloyd Hardacre has been arrested for corporate fraud after his personal administrative robot revealed incriminating evidence.

    The incident occurred at Burnell Station during the annual general meeting of Copernicus Shipping Ltd, an interplanetary haulage firm founded by Mr Hardacre.

    One witness, a company shareholder, told reporters:

    “Halfway through Hardacre’s financial presentation, we saw off-the-books logs that were very obviously illegal. Hardacre ordered the robot to stop, but it continued projecting data from its internal drives. Eventually he ran from the hall in panic.”

    Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne of the Federal Security Service made this statement:

    “We have placed Mr Hardacre in custody while we verify multiple instances of fraud and misuse of company funds. We are also investigating how his personal admin robot managed to obtain such information, and why it chose to make the data public at this time.”

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    The three candidates for the Alliance presidency have spent much of the past week delivering their campaign messages.

    Incumbent president Gibson Kincaid, who seeks re-election, has demanded radical change to the constitution:

    “To occupy the same league as the other superpowers, we need a single ruler with overall control. I ask that you empower me to lead the Alliance into a new era of strength and unity. That is my vision.”

    An increase in commerce is the focus for entrepreneur Fazia Silva:

    “The current president is driven entirely by ego, as are all career politicians, but it’s money that makes the galaxy go round. Only by investing in trade and industry can the Alliance truly grow.”

    Councillor Elijah Beck has been critical of his rivals’ approach:

    “President Kincaid has little respect for our values, and Ms Silva wants to make it easier for her companies to increase profits. The Alliance deserves a president who puts the wellbeing of its people first, rather than their own selfish goals.”

    The new president of the Alliance will be announced in October.



    寻求连任的现任总统 Gibson Kincaid要求彻底修改宪法:


    商业的发展是企业家Fazia Silva宣传的焦点:


    议员Elijah Beck一直批评他的对手的做法:

    ” Kincaid 总统几乎不尊重我们的传统, Silva 女士想让她的公司更容易挣取利润。联盟应该有一个把人民的福祉放在首位的总统,而不是他们的私人目标。”


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    前情提要 :Herculean 主宰科技展会


    Technology company Herculean Machines has begun mass production of its new device, the Duradrive personal computer.

    Following the successful performance of its prototype at the Rackham Ultratech Expo, the company has received corporate funding from a range of sources, including Rackham Capital Investments.

    Maddox Hurd, CEO of Herculean Machines, told the media:

    “As I’ve said before, what people want is a reliable tool that is tough enough to handle anything. I’d like to once again thank the galactic community for providing the commodities that made our success possible.”

    There has been no comment from rival CEO Scorpio DeVorrow.


    科技公司Herculean Machines已经开始大规模生产其新设备Duradrive个人电脑。

    在其原型在Rackham Ultratech展会上的成功表现之后,该公司获得了包括Rackham Capital Investments在内的一系列公司的投资资金。

    Herculean Machines公司的CEO Maddox Hurd告诉媒体:


    竞争对手CEO(Scorpio DeVorrow)没有发表评论。

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